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(from Aromatherapy client) :

" Massage, same as any therapeutic work, can be more clinical or more hospitable. I have been coming to Louise for almost two years clearly for the latter. Deftness of touch, true spirit of caring, sensitivity to the recipient's needs, gentleness without at all missing out on depth, professionality combined with a good sense of humour and very personal warmth, intuition through far reaching professional and equally personal experience, a wonderful feeling for the right aromatherapy oils on a given day and the ability to create nurturing and quirky mixtures, depending on what is needed - need I say more. A wonderful experience whether you are on top of the world or feeling very low, in perfect health or truly ailing."

Martina, Company Director, Oxford


Beyond Alchemy Massage treatments include a combination of up to six of the following, all within your hour's appointment:

Prices and appointment times. Contact Louise for further details.

Kidlington, Oxfordshire

Beyond Alchemy Massage is based in Oxford. Treatments are available at the Eau de Vie Clinic (Cowley Road, Oxford) or at the Beyond Alchemy Massage Treatment Room at Iffley Borders, Oxford. I am also pleased to visit women in their own homes in the Kidlington (postcode OX5) area, taking away the stress of driving home after a relaxing massage.

The distance from Kidlington to Oxford is approx. 4.8 miles so you may want to allow around 13 minutes to drive from Kidlington to an appointment in Oxford and to park your car.

Home Visits to Kidlington

The cost per treatment is higher than for the same treatment at Beyond Alchemy Massage locations in Oxford - due to the time and expense involved in going out to visit clients.

The hourly rate for treatments including travel to and from an address in or around Kidlington is typically around £50, provided that there is suitable free car parking near to the location.
Please contact us for further details and to arrange a holistic massage treatment.

More information about treatments "at home" :
I will normally bring a treatment couch for clients to lie on while receiving aromatherapy massage. In preparation for your treatment please select a warm room where there is enough space for this to be set-up and for me to move around it (so allow approx. 3m x 2.5m space). I will also bring all the necessary oils. You may like to use your own bath sheet as a cover, or I'm very happy to bring mine for your convenience. If you would like to listen to some gentle music during your treatment by all means set-up your CD or ipod player before I arrive.

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Beyond Alchemy offers therapeutic massage in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. To arrange an appointment call Louise Graham I.P.T.I. on 01865 717057 or 07962 920127.